Monday, July 25, 2011

you can't watch a kitten sleep and not feel your heart sing

You just have to smile when you watch baby kittens sleep.  Tamryn (second picture) was sitting and as she started to fall asleep slowly fell over on her side until she was sleeping on her tummy.  Yesterday was a good sleeping picture day.
.   .   .  .   .Jamieson got adopted by the lady who found him in 30 below weather when he was 4 days old.  He tugged at her heart and she couldn't pass him by.  I miss him as he was my little darling for a very long time but he has a great forever home.
.   .   .   .  A lady has fallen in love with Ivan and is trying to patiently wait for him to be big enough to come and live with her.  She has a fluffy female siamese so Ivan will be a perfect fit.
.   .   .   .  Ike and Ivan are growing and growing.  When they came in Ike was 348g and Ivan was 276g.  Now Ike is458g and Ivan is 448g.  They are starting to play with toys and each other.  They both like the cat condo.  Ivan likes to come down the hallway to my room in the morning once he knows I am awake.  They are pudgy little boys and I sure love pudgy babies.

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  1. HI Donna,
    The kittens are looking fantastic! You do such wonderful work. Sorry to hear about your mum passing on...