Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wow they are 5 weeks old!  It has been challenging to keep up with the pace of feeding, feeding, feeding, getting up during the night then back to bed and some bath and blow dry times.  It was stressful at work and I still had so very much yard work to do, plants to get out, grass spots to be reseeded and a house to beat back into shape.  So many things to do that I really needed to be quadruplets to get it all done.  But now I don't have babies to make pee after they get fed.  Feedings are less often so I have a little more time to get things done.  I am no longer getting up during the night (it has been 3 wonderful nights of sleeping through the night) so feel more rested.  The babies are growing and becoming little kitten with different personalities. Freckle and Fergusson and I had a most wonderful snuggle in my bed one morning.  They wander through the house and know their way around.  They are playing with toys a bit and a lot with each other.  Fergusson is the one who sleeps much less than his sister as he is too busy checking out his world.  He is very good at finding the litter box too.  Freckle is quieter and certainly knows where her two beds are so she can chose where she feels like sleeping. Fergusson is 564g today and Freckle is 514g.  They are eating a whole bottle each so it is time to really encourage them to be eating canned food though they really do love their bottles so are not that eager to eat too much canned food yet.  They got to meet their 5 roommates this morning for the first time.  It was a bit busy in my house as there were 7 kittens running around and crying to be fed from many corners of my house. 

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