Monday, May 12, 2014

This Morning

     The boys must have enjoyed the last 3 mornings.  I would call them when I woke so they could come and get a snuggle.  Both always came running.  This morning at 5:38 am Keaton decided it was time for me to get up.  He came and gave a meow by my bed.  The boys never meow so this made me instantly alert from the deep sleep I was in.  I put both in bed with me and said that mom needed to sleep a little more.  It was not to be.  They were chasing and pouncing on each other so no going back to sleep for me.  35 minutes after they came to bed with me I heard a little groan and knew what Kyler was doing as he gives little groans sometimes--he was peeing in my bed.  Good thing I had thought about washing my comforter very soon and was going to change bedding this morning if I had time before work.  They are so cute that you can't be mad at them, they are just babies after all.

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