Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lots of Pictures and Update on the B Babies

The pictures are of Barnaby and Booker then two pictures each of Barnaby, Booker, Boston and Brazil and finally two pictures of the four B babies with Pierce and Paige.  Where to begin telling you about my wonderful "B' babies.  They are growing so very fast.  They came in weighing 190 to 256g and this morning weighed 380 to 442g.  They have gained 176g to 202g which is more than enough to make me super happy.  Brazil was the loudest when she came but has settled in to be one of the quietest demure kittens. She is a very sound sleeper and sometimes scares me when she is sleeping soundly. Barnaby is the biggest and very determined to be the first to get the bottle when it is feeding time.  Boston and Booker love to play.  This morning Boston discovered the canned food and ate and ate and ate for 6 minutes.  Usually they just pick at the food when they decide canned food is edible but she really seriously dug in.  Then Booker decided that food was okay too.  So feeding time in the near future will be much easier and quicker. How fast they grew!  Soon the 30 minute lunch hours won't be packed with trying to feed the 6 babies then rush back to work. They make me laugh all the time--the 4 little fluff  balls following me, playing, sleeping.  Five weeks old and going strong.
     Tomorrow I am expecting 10, yes, 10 kittens that are 4 to 6 weeks old.  I will check them out and try and blend them into my household. It will be very busy and a new routine to be discovered.  I hope that they are all healthy and have clear eyes.  Some are a little skittish so I will be spending lots of time holding them and getting them used to people.  Hopefully they settle in quickly.

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