Friday, October 5, 2012

Greta and Garrick

These babies are amazing!  They are doing better than I dreamed they could.  Greta (silver girl) and Garrick (brown tabby male) are growing before my eyes!  Greta arrived at 128g and was 220g tonight.  Garrick arrived at 138g and was 216g tonight.  10g gain per day is very good and they have surpassed this unwritten goal for them.  Their eyes opened fully yesterday so now they look like real babies.  They eat and eat.  This morning they ate so much their tummies buldged and I couldn't believe how big their tummies got.  They are starting to move around a lot more.  They still can't hear so really move a lot when you pick them up to feed them.  They purr alot too.  They are such strong good babies.  They are 9 days old today and have lived with me for a week.  They are a joy to love and look after.  I can hardly wait until they are running around and causing trouble.
     Pierce is doing very well.  His outlook was not very bright but I have been determined to have him be a survivor.  He loves the protein powder mixed with water and will drink it from a bowl.  He was eating boiled hamburger mixed with the protein powder and a bit of water.  Now he is a bit fussy and likes his hamburger freshly boiled--no leftovers for him.  I don't eat many leftovers either so I totally understand.  He is full of energy and it makes me grin when he is running around and playing with Paige and Pekko.  He looks wonderful.  I cried this morning when I weighed him and realized the protein powder plus eating a lot of hamburger enabled him to gain 40g.  He looks so much better now he has put on some weight.  He even really dug into the canned food when I got home from work.  He so enjoyed it and I hd not yet seen him really did into the canned food with enjoyment.
     Here is a peak at what my morning looked like today.  I got up at 6:30 am and planned what order I would do things as soon as I got out of bed.  I got up and fed Garrison, Pekko and Paige some canned food.  I got the bottle ready for Greta and Garrick and fed them and made them pee.  Then I got the bottle ready for Barnaby, Booker, Brazil and Boston.  I fed them.  I gave Paige her antibiotics.  I made myself a cup of coffee.  I whipped up a batch of muffins and baked them while I got ready for work.  I fed the "G" babies again, fed the "B" babies again, got my lunch ready for work and left for work at 8:40.  I felt like I had done well though every minute after I get out of bed is filled with things to do.  Change it?  Give it up?  Never while there are babies who need me.  My reward is when they are healthy, grow and are normal kittens.

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