Monday, October 15, 2012

Pierce Update

     Pierce is so deep in my heart and my most precious baby this year.  He certainly knows who his mama is.  He comes when I call and does a little chirp to tell me he is here!  I have a hard time knowing his life will be short but I told him a few days ago that his whole life from 10 days and on was with the mama he loves so very much.
     Today was such a beautiful fall day with the sun shining.  I decided to take Pierce outside for the first time as sunshine helps sick upper respiratory kittens so I thought why not.  I sat down on the lawn and let him walk around.  He would go no further than 4 feet from me.  Then he would chirp and come back to me to rub up against me then crawl onto my lap.  Then he would leave again.  I told him I would SO love to be able to take him outside next spring after the snow is gone and it warms up.  I know it is wishful thinking and it hit me hard what was likely going to happen sooner than I would like.  I lay down on the lawn ande sobbed my heart out.  But...........Pierce had a great time.  I made him happy and it is a great memory to hold onto.
     Pierce was slowly gaining weight then dropped 40g in one day.  I was crushed as it is slow going when he gains 6 to 10g per day.  But protein powder has been a great thing for Pierce.  He also likes hamburger boiled fresh (no hours old or day old for him) and leftover turkey that I froze after cutting into tiny pieces.  I offered him tuna today which he picked at after Garrison showed him that it was indeed a good thing.  I bought sandwich meat for my sandwich and think I will try Pierce on thuringer (protein plus calories).  So far he has perfect poops so all my experimenting is not affecting him that way.  He gets 0.2 ml of Omega 3 oil for cats every day as well.  I am trying everything I can think of to help my precious smiley boy survive.

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