Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hiccup is doing great.  As usual the first 24 hours are an adjustment period for me as well as the new baby/babies.  Hiccup is drinking very well from the bottle and purrs every time I make him pee.  He lost a bit more weight yesterday but as I expected he gained the lost weight back as well as some extra.  He was 160g today and I expect him to continuously gain now as he is very strong and pudgy and doing well.
     Daffodil goes to see the vet on Tuesday.  I think she is close to being released for adoption.  Her tummy is doing much, much better.  She and I have a routine now.  She must have her morning snuggles in bed every morning.  She will purr and rub faces as we have a quiet time.  Then to the kitchen for her breakfast.  One day the water dish was brown and I couldn't figure out why.  I discovered a catnip toy (the knot with the catnip in it) in the water dish.  I took it out, squeezed the water out of it and put it on the floor in front of the register.  I changed the water and within 10 minutes the toy was back in the water dish.  I have also found a ball and toy spring in the dish as well as the knot.  She must think a toy in the water dish improves it somehow.

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