Friday, April 17, 2015

What A Good Boy

You can see from the pictures how much Hiccup grew up this week.  He has changed so much.  He can see and hear now and does not spend all his time between feedings sleeping.  He still grunts and groans when he has to poop.  He is walking better and more on his legs.  He was 309g today!  I was thinking he should be thinking about using a litter box soon so I should get one in the cage for him as he is exploring his cage area. Kittens will start leaving their sleep area to pee somewhere away from it.  I had not seen any wet areas so thought it would be soon.  I have a quilt in the bottom of the cage with a fuzzy sheepskin like blanket on top.  When I went to take the bedding out to wash I discovered  (and I am figuring out I still haven't seen it all) that he was peeing and pooping in between the blankets out of sight.  So I need to bring out the little litter box and see when he starts to use it.  Soon he will pee and poop on his own consistently and I won't have to make him do it.  He is a happy little boy.

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