Friday, April 3, 2015

It's A Boy!

My first baby of 2015 has arrived.  His name is Hiccup and was 7 days old when he arrived.  He has been a good baby.  He was found alone so will need lots of extra loving to make up for no siblings.  He purred for me the first time when I was feeding him at 2 am which was a wonderful gift to me.  He was 152g when he arrived and has lost a little bit but should be gaining very soon as he drinks more and better from the bottle.  I lost my dog Maggie in November so it was a little hard to welcome a new little one into my family without Maggie there to greet him and check him out.  She so loved and lived for the tiny babies she met coming into our family. Hiccup already had his first bath as the first time I made him pee he had some slimy poop so had to have a bum wash and a dry with the blowdryer.

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