Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Kitten Season is Drawing to a Close

From 28 babies down to 3 babies.  Pepsi just got adopted and is on his way home to Alberta.  He will keep his name.   Persia will now be Rosie.  Baxter, Biscuit and Berkley will keep their names.  Pia and Pax are being adopted on Tuesday and will stay with me for a couple of weeks until some work is finished in their new home.  Brynn had been adopted and will be keeping her name as well.  She is one lucky little girl to have survived near death and thrived to become big enough for her forever home.  So right now I have 3 babies to love in bed in the mornings when we have our 20 minute cuddle session.  Daffodil still has a bit of a bloatie tummy and will be up for adoption once we figure out what is happening and what needs to be done to fix it totally. My house is quiet though feeling empty.  Not for long as the new season can start at any time.  It will be hard at first without Maggie to welcome each baby as she so totally enjoyed "our" babies.

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