Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Update

     The littlest babies are doing absolutely wonderful!  It was a struggle for a few days as they weren't eating as much as I would have expected and wanted.  But now on the second day of antibiotics for 4 of the babies all are absolutely thriving.  I just weighed them this morning and they are gaining more than average for babies their size.  Even Pierce is eating until he could burst.  It now takes 2 bottles at a feeding which is double from just a few days ago.  No one to worry about here thank goodness.
     I am watching Nim who is having a hard time.  I am determined to have her come through this.  I held her last night for a few hours.  She purred a lot for me which is not usual for her so I know she appreciated the attention.  I still got things done around the house (that stuff never seems to wait, just pile up even when you aren't looking because you are busy).  I am focusing on getting her to eat little bits often and this morning she ate some of the vet kitten development food I have for my 15 year old cat.  It is good to see that she still likes to eat.
     I put out the tunnel for the 5 older babies and they have been enjoying it.  Something different for busy babies who love to play.

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