Friday, July 27, 2012

Note To Self

     Note to self:  Refresh memory on how to do things with 15 baby kittens running around.  The littlest 7 are no longer happy to eat and go back to the big cage to sleep.  "We are bored mom" is what they say to me.  So I let them run around and learn how to be "big" kittens.  Combine them with the 7 big kittens running around (Dahlia got adopted yesterday so only 7 big kittens left) and it is very challenging to even walk around.  I have been trying to mop the floor and it takes so much longer.  Plus trying to keep an eye on the littlest ones is added on to the job.  They are starting to play with the bigger ones so I am reminding the big ones that they are just little babies and to play gently.  If I opt to wait to get the cleaning done it won't get done.  I am very much a morning person and run out of steam after working an 8 hour day (and during my 30 minute lunch break managed to go to the vet to pick up my 15 year old cat Wink who had dental surgery done today, get him home and settled, quickly feed the 7 littlest babies and get myself back to work until 5. Came home and fed the big ones and bottle fed the little ones and made my supper.  Energy is sometimes a faint memory.  But all are happy and healthy and running around and that is all that counts as no energy is spent on worrying about a baby or babies.  So a nice warm bath after getting some housework done will be a great reward after getting the 7 littles ones fed and tucked into their bed for the night.  There is something to be said for silence and babies sleeping.

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