Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here is a picture of Dakota sleeping half under the couch.  She decided sleeping on the floor was a decent place to sleep.  I am enjoying my second summer of air conditioning and have it set at 24 degrees which isn't cold nor is it hot.  I don't want to go too low so the kittens don't get chilled.
     The seven new little "P" babies are settling in well.  They don't cry unless they are hungry and they have good normal long nap times.  They decided this morning they were hungry at 4 am so I got up to feed them.  I gave each of them hugs and kisses as I certainly didn't mind getting up since they are all strong and healthy and not causing me worry.  Hungry kittens are a good thing even at 4 am.
     On Saturday Denver, Dexter, Dakota, Ixy and Izzy (turns out Izzy is a girl not a boy) are going to Petsmart.  Even with 19 babies I will deeply miss these five kittens as every kitten is an individual and gets their fair share of loving time.
     The "N" babies are now in the big cage in the living room.  They are not scared and are enjoying a change of scenery as once they were feeling better the bathroom became boring.  The littlest one has gone from 334g on Saturday to 438g today and has quite a nice pudgy tummy.  I am grateful they are doing well.
     The little orange "G" kittens are eating and eating and eating.  A bum wash coming up for one very shortly.  The littlest one has started thriving and growing like a weed

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