Sunday, July 15, 2012


     It has been a hard week.  I had to let 5 of my precious babies go to Petsmart.  It is time for them to find forever homes but it doesn't mean it is easy for me to let them go to Petsmart.  It might very well be the last time I see my little one(s).
     I have been sleep deprived which makes me more emotional too.  Sunday night (or Mon early am) I got up to my little 7 voice symphony at 4 am.  I am certainly not complaining, just stating the fact.  Then Monday night I got up at 5 am.  Then the big storm Tuesday night.  Then the horrible neighbors decided to have an outside noisy part Wednesday night. Friday night I worked until 10 pm.  I came home and had a lot of cleaning and feeding to do.  Nim was "off" and I saw her have a large watery diarrhea.  I lay down on my bed for a few minutes and was ready to doze off at 11:55 when I realized I had to get my bones up and downstairs to get fluids to give her subcutaneous fluids.  There was no choice--kitten's wellbeing over my being bone weary.  I got up at 2 to check on her then was serenaded at 5 am so only got 2 straight hours of sleep in two bits.
     Then this morning Pierce (gray tabby little baby) was in a decline.  I gave him a bit of white corn syrup and forcefed him so I could go to work knowing he had something in his tummy.  Nim and Nekko also lost more weight and I had to give them fluids to compensate.  So every minute I was at work was a long minute filled with worry about my little ones.  My heart was definitely at home.  I was afraid all the way home as to what I would find when I got home.  Nim and Nekko were holding their own.  Pierce was still alive and looking a lot better.  I cried with relief. I so hate the worry part on top of the cleaning and feeding parts.  I feel better about them but have them on my radar to watch closely.  Last night was a decent night's sleep which made me feel a lot better and one more night tonight after a stressful day today will make me less emotional.  A hot bath will help too.

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