Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 Precious Little, Little "W" Babies

I got 4 teenie, tiny little babies during my lunch break.  They are only maybe a day old.  They were kept warm but cooled off after I got them.  When I got home from work one was gone.  But I will hold and rub and feed the remaining babies all evening tonight.  The littlest one is 66g and I have never had a baby that small--usually 80 is the smallest I get.  I am hoping for 3 Onyx miracles (check back in blog for Onyx stories--he is indeed my miracle baby).  I am going to give them colostrum in their milk (only get 1 ml at a time) to see if that provides them with an extra boost.  They are precious babies and I am going to love them every second I can tonight.  Please send your strength for these little babies--I really do want 3 miracle babies.
     I found Gardenia sleeping in the roll of unrolled paper towels.  Yes, they do enjoy their paper towels.

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