Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pipkin, Patton, Paige, Pecan, Pekko, Paisley, Pierce

Two pictures each of the kittens as listed in the title.  They are growing and changing rapidly.  Now they like to get out of the big cage to walk around.  They are like little ducklings and follow me through the whole house.  Sometimes I leave too quickly for one and they sit and cry until I come back and rescue them.  They are leaving their bed to go to the bathroom so no more toilet paper by the roll and cleaner beds.  This morning I fed all of them and gave baths to them.  After blow drying and brushing they settled back into bed.  I didn't wash Pierce as he is just starting to feel better.  Finally after 2 days of feeding him drop by drop the antibiotics have kicked in and he is drinking happily from the bottle.
     The last picture is of my troublemaker Pipkin.  He has been the troublemaker from the very beginning.  Half an hour ago he was protesting being in the cage which he can climb to the top of and teeter on the top edge if no lid is on.  I told him fine, you can come out.  He walked around a little while then crawled into the bed with Gardenia and Georgia.  He thinks he is a big boy in every way. He is a content baby except when he is loudly talking making his wishes very clear. He has a strong will and is a very loving little boy.


  1. Donna I just love reading your blog every chance I get. You do wonderful work with these babies and give them the best chance. It's a real pleasure to work with you at SCAT.

  2. I also love reading your updates about how the tiniest babies are progressing. The photos are precious, and each kitten's personality shines through in your descriptions. At times the updates are heartbreaking, but so many are brimming with joy and hope. Wonderful!