Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life Today

Life is good today.  The 7 littlest ones are growing up.  Pekko and Paisley are eating canned food now so it won't be long before no bottles for them.  The other 5 should start eating pretty soon.  Then the bottle stage will be over.  Bottle feeding brings a peaceful feeling over me when everyone is eating well though it takes an incredible amount of time.  They are getting bored in the cage so get run around time in the house as often as possible.  Today Paisley came and found me in my bedroom as I was doing something.  Yes, they are growing up.  They are not grown yet as they still need their nap after they have their bottles.  Even though run around time is offered to them they all one by one by one went to the bed where Gardenia and Georgia were sleeping and curled up for their nap with the girls.  They are all gaining weight well now.  I was stressed for a few days as the vet formula was unavailable and this new store stuff is more difficult to work with and I don't think as good of a formula of course.  But we got through this bump and everyone is fine.  I was concerned about Pekko as he had a few huge pukes when the formula was more store formula than 50/50 with the vet formula.

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