Friday, July 20, 2012


Garrison is just about big enough to go up for adoption.  He is much larger than his sisters as he is 754g and they are 472g and 530g.  So at 800g he will be deemed big enough to find his forever home.  He has become a mama's boy and asks very often to be picked up.  When I do he melts in my arms.  He also loves, loves being brushed (not so his sisters) so no wonder he is a mama's boy.
     Little Pipkin is still quite a character.  After hundreds and hundreds of kittens you begin to think you have seen it all but then something new happens.  Yesterday I was looking at the 7 babies in the big cage.  Pipkin came to the edge of the cage and lay down on his tummy.  He stretched his legs straight out back (kind of looked like a rubber chicken's legs).  I went to look closer as I thought something could be wrong.  No, he lay there and produced two 1"  long perfect logs.  I have never seen a kitten take that position to poop.  Of course it is my personable Pipkin.
     Time to feed the little ones.  They drank 2+1/2 bottles this morning between them.  Their appetites are great and explain why the wonderful weight gains.

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