Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Littlest baby update

     I always know the first 24 hours with a new baby or babies is the hardest for me and for them.  My little gray boy took a few sucks of milk when I first got him then would not drink.  I got milk into him drop by drop.  He had diarrhea when I got him from what the people were feeding him so I figured his tummy was not feeling good and once it settled down he would hopefully be a normal kitten.  Today no diarrhea but also no wanting to eat.  Finally tonight he ate when I got home from work and again just now.  So I think he is on the right track.  I love looking at him under the heat lamp as sometimes he looks as if he is on a tropical beach all stretched out and with a smile on his face.  His eyes are just starting to open today so within a few days his eyes will be open and he will look like a different kitten.

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