Monday, July 9, 2012

Things Are Great

     The new babies are doing well.  Remember, the first 24 hours.  Soon we will be on to day 2 and things will be settled.  They are all eating well from the bottle, a few have goopy eyes but nothing major.  The littlest one has a very shrill voice.  I had to get up after I went to bed to see why he wasn't settling.  A few more sucks of milk seemed to do it.  I noticed at 3 am (they decided they were really hungry then and 7 voices cannot be missed) that one is a polydactyl, a couple have normal feet and the rest have very large and/or long thumbs.  I will take them to the vet today to confirm sex.  My estimation is that all except possibly one are boys.  Boys seem to rule this year so far. I am glad I am off today and may snag an afternoon quick nap.
     The "N" babies are doing much better.  The diarrhea is minimal and they are gaining weight nicely.  In a few days I will move them to the big cage and let them live in the livingroom.
     The other 10 babies are running around and looking awesome.  Today the four "D" babies officially go up for adoption.  It is wonderful in my house right now as all 19 babies are healthy and doing well.  The worrying about a baby really tires me out as they are on my mind every minute.  19 does not seem like a lot when 10 are self sufficient and just being normal kittens.

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