Thursday, August 1, 2013

Raining Kittens Again

On Monday I got my first little baby in a long while.  The gray baby (not sure if girl or boy, will be confirmed by vet on Saturday) arrived.  He was thin but very bright eyed and strong.  I got up to feed him at 1:20 and 1:00 and 1:10 on Mon, Tues and Wed morning.  He has grown from 128 g to 164g tonight.  He doesn't feel bony any more and is drinking well from the bottle.  Even though he was under the heat lamp on Monday his body never felt toasty warm so I put a heated split pea bag under his blanket and the heat lamp on top.  He was soon toasty warm and happy to drink from the bottle.
     The six "A" babies arrived last night.  They were 6 days old.  They were very loud babies and with 6 voices together you knew when they were up.  I got up at 1:10 to feed them.  I can somehow set my internal alarm to get up to the babies when they are little which is much more pleasant than an alarm waking you up in the middle of a deep sleep.  The "A" babies are absolutely adorable (don't mind including the gray baby) and all are black and white.  They are all different which makes telling them apart easy and easy to tell who has been fed.  They are eating very well and no longer are shrieking loudly.  They get fed then immediately stop crying and settle down into a pile to have their sleep.  All of them have gained weight today--from 6g to 12g (20g for my gray baby) which is good in my books.  They all purr when I make them pee after their bottle.  They are very content babies and don't cry very often.  They enjoy sucking on the bottle.  I can get all 7 babies fed in about 20 minutes at this time (will increase as they drink more and more as they grow). 

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