Sunday, August 18, 2013


     Keelan got adopted on Wed.  She went to Petsmart Wed morning and someone who was interested in seeing her went to Petsmart to meet her.  Four hours after arriving at Petsmart she was in her new forever home.
     It has been a rough week with the babies.  Ambrose was struggling for a week.  He was holding his own weight wise but didn't have a lot of energy and did not want to eat.  I got food into him which helped keep his weight at his current weight.  I got home from work on Thursday and found he was in deep trouble.  I was holding him in one arm rubbing his face, paws, ears, nose to keep him stimulated and aware I was there.  I was feeding the other babies in my other arm as they were hungry and needed to eat.  To be twins sometimes would be great I have discovered.  I held Ambrose all night forfeiting supper so I could be there for him.  He died during the night Thursday.  Then suddenly Saturday afternoon Amaretto was beginning to be off.  She didn't want to eat and her body felt like Ambrose's was.  It is hard to describe but it was just different.  I gave her subcutaneous fluids as she was dehydrated and made her drink some formula.  I got up during the night and she seemed to be better, more alert.  Then at 5:30 am I went to check and she was gone.  Ambrose has been sent away to be necropsied which is good as now Amaretto is gone too.  I am hoping it isn't panleukopenia as that would be a huge disaster.  They didn't have vomiting nor bloody diarrhea but did have lethargy, trouble maintaining their weight and loss of appetite.  So some symptoms fit.  The others are doing okay at this moment (things can change so fast that sometimes you can only go "at this moment")  Tricket was off her food for 2 days too and I had to forcefeed her.  She fought me but I had to get food into her to keep her strength up.  This morning at 7 she finally took the bottle.  I sat without moving a hair so that she would keep eating after finally deciding that she would willingly take the bottle.  I am exhausted, sad, worried.

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