Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everything is Great!

The pictures are of Aster, Austin, Asia, Aspen and Tricket.  Everyone is well.  They are growing and all are eating eagerly.  Tricket has gained a lot of weight in the last few days.  Today she is really into the canned food so I will try her with no bottle and only canned food and see how her weight goes.  I think it is time for her to be off the bottle especially if she continues to gain well.  When I unofficially weighed her she was up 50g from last night.  Official weight will be tonight but I expect being very happy with her especially after having to fight with her to get her to take any formula.  Persistence has paid off!  Tricket has discovered she can climb out of the cage if the lid is up and will appear out of the bedroom.  She thinks she is a big girl and can be a "house" baby.
     The "A" babies are all getting bigger and really like to explore their larger world out of the cage.  Austin is a mama's boy and came to me a few times this morning for a hug and cuddle.  I was rewarded with big purrs.  He is the only boy so thinks he can get extra attention whenever he wants.  They are all nibbling at canned food.  Austin is really getting into the canned food and may not need a bottle much longer.  Aspen is the littlest and will be on the bottle for much longer until I see her really eating the canned food.  All of them are using the litter box.  They like the fuzzy bed that all the kittens before have loved so it is on the floor in the livingroom where they can sleep whenever they want.  They sleep only there and have a bit of a routine going.  When I am home I will let them out in the house so they can grow, be stimulated and become normal babies.

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