Wednesday, September 4, 2013

They Are Little Kittens Now

It has been a big week for the babies (and for me to admit they are growing up and will be leaving too soon).  They are now off the bottle and doing great on canned food.  Aspen has become very strong and busy.  Tricket was the one who loved the bottle the most and was reluctant to say she was a big girl and could eat just canned food.  She and Austin are just over 500 g now.  Tricket was 128g when she came and Austin was 130g so they are very big compared to when I got them.  Austin is an affectionate boy and loves to lap up loving when he can get it. Tricket is expecting a lot of love and when she wants it.  I have been graduating them to being "house" kittens over this last week.  I started trusting them out when I went to work though I put them back in the big cage for the night so they could be encouraged to use the litter box consistently.  Last night was the first night I let them stay out for the night. It is nice not having to scrub out the cage, change the very used litter box and change the bedding. They were very good babies and slept in their bed all night.  I got up and called out "good morning babies" and they all came running to the bathroom to say "good morning mom".  Then of course it was breakfast time (all the food left out for the night was cleaned up).  They all dug in with enthusiasm so I knew that I could officially retire the bottle. One time Boston ran fast past Austin in the kitchen.  His reaction was to flip on his back with his legs waving in the air.  I guess human mom needs to teach him this is not a safe defense action when being possible attacked.  Sigh, a mom's work is never done.

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