Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures of Tricket, Austin, Aspen, Aster, Asia, Amaretto, Ambrose

Names at last!  There are 2 pictures of each of the babies in the order named in the post title.  Where to begin?  It has been a busy week indeed.  Tricket has grown a lot.  She has gone from 128 last week Monday to 248 g tonight.  She is very bright and alert.  I let her walk on the floor for a little every day as she is getting a bit bored.  She is about a week older than the other babies and it really shows at this age.  She is a good natured, quiet, patient little baby.
     The 6 "A" babies are also growing.  They have gained weight nicely in just the first week I have had them.  They went (in order listed in title) from 130g to 212g, 126g to 178g, 124g to 184g, 126g to 196g, 110g to 178g and 106g to 178g.  I am very happy with their weight gains.  They now sleep through the night which makes it easier for me.  They are starting to pee on their own which means we are now at the stage of needing bum washes to freshen them up.  Aspen is the last one to have her eyes open fully.  The babies have changed so much in just a week.  They are all good eaters.  Asia I have discovered does not open her mouth easily to take the bottle so I have to put the nipple in the side of her mouth.  Once it is in she readily drinks so it is just a quirk of hers.  All purr when I make them pee after eating.  I give each one a few minutes at least once a day of individual love time.  They have each other but need to know who their new mama is.  We have a routine going which they figured out very quickly.  Of course they are smart babies because they are my babies.  I am doing a lot of laundry and making a lot of formula.  Now I need 2 full bottles per feeding and it will only increase.  I love all my little babies who are happy little fuzzes with big hearts full of purrs.

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