Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bits About My Little Gang and lots of pictures


My little ones give me great joy every day.  They are at the best age to be the most fun.  The first picture is of Kimo (his first time on the scratching post).  Note the ever present brown color on his white fur from cat food.  He is not the tidiest eater even at this point.  The second picture is Raleigh.  Then Raleigh and Kimo in the watering can which they thought was the best ever place to sleep.
     This morning I was noticing Kimo was actually not crispy from cat food and actually had clean (mostly) fur.  I thought finally he can be a clean, white  and black kitten.  Then I saw why he is clean.  Boston seems determined to get rid of the brown discoloration.  He got a big long bath and is looking better and better.
     Today all the babies were on the scratching post.  This is a big step showing they are indeed getting to be big babies.  Now to make sure they know how to get down.  No, had to stop for a second to show Kolton again how to get down as he was up from his nap and crying on the top scoop.  Yes, I will keep the pillows on the floor around the scratching post.  Big but not that big of baby yet.

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