Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Times Right Now

It is the best of times in my house right now.  It makes up for the hard times where I am worried, scared and fighting for a baby.  They had a great play time this morning which means nothing else is happening in my house except for me watching the babies.  They all gained good weight yesterday.  It has happened!  They have found where I sleep!  Last night Kolton and Kimo joined Raleigh in my bed for lots of loving past my late bedtime.  Of course I can't say no to a baby when they want to be loved no matter their timing.  So it was a very late bedtime.  The "K" babies are eating much tidier so perhaps the bath sessions are done.  Some babies learn to eat very cleanly where others like the "K" babies think the food is better on the other side of the plate so they lay across the plate to get the "best" food.  They are learning to play.  Kittens all learn to play the same in the beginning which seems to be universal.  Boston was on the couch and got surrounded by playful kittens.  She is good natured and accepted their play with a gentle nature. Too soon they will be big enough to find their forever homes.
     Houston and Honey (now Fudge and Lulu) and Harvard (now Percy) went to their forever homes the middle of June.  They were perfect kittens, taking the bottle easily and making a gentle transition to canned food.  They are lucky babies and have great homes.

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