Friday, June 14, 2013


Raleigh arrived on June 6th after being saved from someone throwing her in the garbage.  She is a quiet little one and has a very gentle nature.  She is a perfect kitten, eating canned food nicely.  She fits right in and is so gorgeous.
     I had struggled with Kenna for about 5 days.  She had diarrhea so was on antibiotics.  She got frequent washes and blow drying (to keep her core temperature up) to try and get her bum under control.  Slathering on the Vaseline was not helping much.  She was still eating canned food and sucked back a whopping third of a bottle.  I was off for a few days so gave her a lot of TLC.  I carried her around in a blanket.  She would look at me and put her nose out so we could rub noses and faces.  She purred a whole lot too so I know she was loved.  She died Wed morning which was quite surprising to me as she had gained 6 g the day before.  We are getting her body looked at as there were 2 blood clots in the cage.  She may have been injured when the greenhouse collapsed and killed her mom.
     Houston and Honey leave for their forever homes tomorrow morning.  Boston, Harvard and Daxia go to Petsmart tomorrow.  My house is going to be very quiet very quickly.  But then Keelan, Kolton and Kimo will be running around in no time.  And you never know when more will be arriving at my house.  Litters come in all sizes so it doesn't take long to have a houseful.

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