Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updates galore

     Well, everyone is doing well.  I will start with the littlest ones whose names will start with "K" when I get a chance tonight to pick some.  The four little ones are doing well though not gaining weight as I would like to see.  Two were not eating that well Monday night.  But they are all eating well now.  Seems they like their milk a little warmer than usual. The little grayish one is eating much, much better.  I came home from work during my supper break to give them their bottle. Plus I got up just before 2 am to give them another feeding.  They enjoyed it a lot which made getting up worth it.  This morning I was feeding the grayish one when I saw a little spider running on the blanket.  I squeezed it between the blanket and it kept running. was a tick and I hate, hate ticks.  So I kept it squeezed between the blanket and obliterated it with a pair of pliers (with kitchen renovations my hammer was not right where I thought it should be).  I have checked the babies quickly and at next feed I will use a flashlight and check in their little ears.  Little kittens, little tick.  Hard to find something so tiny but I have to look.  I can tell they are feeling good because now they settle down for a sleep after I feed them instead of being unsettled and crying for a while after a feeding. One day at a time.
     Daxia is doing well.  She is officially off the bottle if her weight is good again after being off the bottle today which would be the second day in a row.  She is going to the vet on Friday for her vaccination and microchipping.  Soon I will have to say goodbye if she checks out well at the vet.  That is a hard part of my job.
     Honey and Harvard gained weight yesterday, their first day without a bottle.  If they still gain today they will officially be off the bottle.  Houston held his own for weight so got another bottle this morning.  I never rush them off the bottle, no need to risk them by being impatient.

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