Monday, May 13, 2013

New Family Update

Daxia thinks she is a big girl.  She ate yesterday morning then went to take a nap on my pillow.  She does her own thing but all things are what big kittens would do.  She is a big kitten in a little body.  She has grown to like (waiting for the love) her new 3 little siblings.  She doesn't carry on when she is on my lap with them.  She still likes the odd bottle still.
     The new "H" babies are doing fantastic.  They have been gaining a lot of weight since I got them.  They have different personalities.  The littlest boy is a mamma's boy and needs the most love time.  He comes and sits on my foot so I will notice him and pick him up.  The girl and bigger boy are explorers.  The girl is a quieter baby.  They really enjoy their bottles.  They are not very interested in canned food but are enjoying the Royal Canin kitten hard food.  They like to nibble from the dish quite often during the day. 

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