Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Three pictures each of my 4 new little bits who arrived on Sunday. They are a week old and doing well.  Their mom was found dead beside them when the greenhouse damaged by all the snow this winter collapsed and killed her.  As usual we are all settling into a new routine.  I had expected frequent feedings as the babies adjusted to living here.  They all took the bottle easily so one problem averted.  They were very noisy yesterday which is a good sign as they are strong.  They settled well for the night though I went to bed late and got up around 5 to look after them.  They weighed 148g, 158g, 202g and 144g.  All are looking strong and weigh in time tonight will tell me more how they are doing.  At this point one day at a time but I am not worried about any of them at this time.  They are enjoying being under the heat lamp--must be like being on a beach in a hot country.
     The "H" babies are named.  The girl is Honey and the boys are Houston and Harvard with Houson being the smaller one.  They are doing well and have settled into the house routine.  They are nibbling at canned food, really like the hard kitten food and still enjoy their bottles.  Houston is still a mama's boy and wants the most loving.  Houston seemed to know this morning that my heart is huge as it grows larger as it fills with more and more love so each baby gets as much love as they need.
     Daxia is playing with the "H" babies now so has forgiven them for intruding on her turf.  She weighs 752g.  She knows her name and comes running when I call her.  Right now she is curled up on my lap as I am updating my blog.  The black hair on her back is turning a whitish gray.  Not sure what color she will end up being as I haven't seen a kitten turn color like this before.
     Life is busy as I am getting the new babies settled in and getting my yard beat into shape. Somehow all gets done one way or another.  Glad I have another day off.

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