Friday, May 24, 2013

Kenna, Keelan, Kimo and Kolton

I am so pleased with the babies.  They are eating more than ever and no longer feel lighter than they look when I pick them up. All their eyes are open.  They eat lots and sleep a lot which is what should be happening.  They no longer cry unless they are the one waiting their turn for the bottle.  They are all purring when I love them up after they have eaten.  They are gaining weight in the range they should be.  Even the little grayish female (Kenna) is eating a lot.  Keelan is the black/white/gray female.  Kimo is the white male with gray and black.  Kolton is the big black/gray boy with white on his nose.  Their eyes are all open fully.  They are still enjoying the heat lamp.

Honey, Harvard and Houston are growing and solid babies.  They are happy and perfect in every way.  Someone is coming to look at Houston this morning.  All are growing and gaining weight.  They will be up for adoption soon.  They have been a lot of fun to watch while they play.  Houston is still a mama's boy.

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  1. Love following your blog and the updates on the babies!