Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daxia Is Growing Up

Daxia is growing up.  She is almost 600g now and almost double when I got her.  Her personal motto is "No fear".  She is not afraid of anything and does not hesitate to jump in wherever catches her fancy.  She is getting a good washing by Boston on the top scoop of the 5 foot tall scratching condo which is her favorite spot. She enjoyed every minute of it.  She purrs all the time and comes to me so she can sit on my lap or be held by my shoulder.  She is eating canned food and only has an occasional bottle.  Yesterday she did not want canned so was excited to get a bottle when I got home from work.  Her nick name is Little Bit but it will not fit for long.  She is very smart and pudgy.  She won't be a tiny baby much longer and too soon she will be in her forever home.

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