Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Overdue Update

There just never seems to be enough time.  These are pictures of Jayden, Maddox, Morrison, Zodiac, Mandarin, Nash, James, Jorja, Marmalade (formerly Morgana, long story, name needed to be changed). The pictures of the babies in the cat beds are not the same, can you figure out the difference?  As you can see the tall scoop scratching post has been discovered.  Yes, this is a big indication that they are bigger now.  I have placed blankets on the floor so they will be protected until they really figure out the post.  They had a great time playing on it this morning though Jayden was happy to be catching a nap on the top scoop.
     Nash arrived a week after the "M" babies.  He was a quiet happy little boy who has turned into a mama's boy (has to fight Morrison and Mandarin for mama' boy or girl title).  He enjoys his food and constantly needs his face and feet washed.  He has fit right in to the family.
     All have been off the bottle for 2 weeks which just changes constant bottle washing, formula making, keeping the two different formulas separate (M kittens came in on goats milk so I was mixing it half and half with kitten formula and not wanting to change formula on Zodiac meant that I had to keep different formulas to feed with) for dozens of cans of canned food.  I had to watch very carefully that every baby got enough to eat.  For a while I was giving them canned food then finishing off with formula so they were getting enough to eat.
     The dark calico was starting to show signs of trouble on Friday Nov 1.  She got started on antibiotics that evening in an attempt to ward off what was happening.  Saturday morning I gave her fluids and again in the afternoon.  I was running my tub for an evening bath and as usual I checked on the babies.  Molly (gave her a M name so she could at least have a name) was in trouble when I touched her even though she looked like she was sleeping.  Her pupils were large.  I let the tub down as I knew I would not be having a bath any time that night.  I got the bag of split peas and heated it up and put it in a tiny cat bed.  Molly was put in the bed and I took her to my bed so I could cover her up as I lay beside her and she could be toasty warm.  I rubbed her paws, nose, ears and talked a lot to her so she would know she was loved and have a will to live.  She died 2 hours later.  I checked with the vet a few days later and she said the eyes were an indication of what was to come and that there was no changing the path we were on.
     A few of the babies were struggling with something which I think was just a bacteria as their immune system is not as strong as babies who had their real mom.  I was constantly worried and watching them.  I had to force feed Jayden for 3 days.  He is such a sweet little boy and is deep in my heart.  I would not give up on him though the worry was very draining.  Force feeding also takes a long time as you can only feed little bits at a time.  He got through this and is now gaining weight at a good rate so I don't have to worry about him any more.
     The calico babies were to go back to their owner.  Since Molly died Morgana was to go with the other calico.  When I discovered that these tiny kittens (once weaned so were due to be returned to their owner) were going to an outside life with no heat source, just insulated boxes in a garage (would be good for a cat who was big and used to an outside life not the comfy warm life of inside life) the owner was contacted.  She agreed to let them stay in the Street Cat system.  She is a kind lady who did the right thing for these babies.  I was sad for the babies when I knew where they would immediately be living but overjoyed when I found out they would have a good rest of their life. 
     Jorja and James are dealing with an eye infection which is getting better.  The 9 babies are so much fun to watch as they are playing a lot and starting to sleep in different places which shows they are indeed growing up.  They are all healthy and happy and we are in a good place right now--just watching and waiting for them to grow big enough for their forever homes.
     Early this morning I had a kitten who was wanting loving.  Of course they got it.  I was convinced it was Nash as so far only Nash and Mandarin have found me in bed.  I was talking to Nash and decided to turn on the light to confirm.  It was Mandarin!  I am usually pretty good about telling them apart even in the dark but not this time.

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