Monday, November 25, 2013

Too Soon...............

Too soon my babies will be going to their forever homes.  They make me smile many times each and every day.  They have discovered my bedroom as you can see.  One night I crawled into bed and had 8 warm babies waiting for me (Jorja was in her favorite spot on the scratching post, top scoop).  They are very busy babies doing normal kitten things.  Zodiac is fitting right in.  It is hard to believe he was only 3 days old when he came here--look at him now.
     I got a call on Sunday from Sheelagh..  She had rescued Jamieson in 2011 and brought him to me when he was 3 days old.  Then she adopted him.  Her other cat was recently lost to cancer so she needs a friend for Jamieson.  She is coming to see my 9 babies.  I couldn't be happier if she falls in love with any of my babies.  A baby would be very lucky to go and live with Jamieson and his family.  Jamieson turned out to be over 16 pounds--not bad for a baby who started out on a bottle so very young.
     All the babies go to the vet tomorrow.  It looks like Nash (the youngest baby) may be the only one too small to go to Petsmart on Saturday.  My world will be very lonely and quiet when they go to Petsmart.  The time is coming too soon.
     I swept the floor this morning to get ready for my contractor to come and gut my bathroom.  I went to get the dustpan and I found it was occupied.  Of course I could not disturb them as they looked too comfy.  This was my first smile of the day.

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