Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Babies Are Growing

No two years are the same with babies.  You see new stuff and are surprised because you think you have seen it all.  The combinations of babies is always different.  Right now it is unique because I have 4 sets of babies taken in and the 9 babies were born on Sept 11, 19, 22 and 26 so are virtually all at the same stage.  They are playing a lot and in all areas of the house.  When they are small they tend to stay together.  So these babies will all be available for forever homes at the same time.  They go to the vet in 8 days in 2 appointments for their microchipping, vaccination and feline leukemia testing.  Then those at 800g will be able to go to Petsmart on Saturday.  Yesterday their weights were 588g, 708, 898, 664, 728, 930, 704, 856 and 762g.  With 8 more days to eat and grow most if not all will be going to Petsmart.  When Zodiac arrived at 3 days old I felt sorry for him because he was the only little one and it was nearing the end of the season.  Then 9 siblings arrived and he got to be a normal boy and learn to play with his brothers and sisters.
     Jorja and James went to the vet as they had eye infections that polysporin was not fixing.  They got a new ointment and their eyes cleared up.  Last night I couldn't find James.  I looked in the usual kitten hiding places but no boy.  I listened for an indication of where he was stuck but these 9 babies do not make a lot of noise so I knew he would not be screaming for me to find him as Keelan did when she got stuck a few times.  I thought perhaps he had found a new warm place to sleep so I went to bed.  It was a mistake because I did not sleep well and every time I woke up I would go and look for him.  I was hoping to have the usual head count of 9 at breakfast.  Alas, there were only 8.  Now I was a little frantic as I needed to find James.  I watched the other 8 as they are great helpers in finding a misplaced sibling.  Jorja was sticking her paw under my closet door.  I opened it and there was a sleepy James.  I had looked in the closet so he must have been tucked away in a great spot for a nap.  So all accounted for and me with a few more gray hairs.

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