Sunday, October 13, 2013

Here Are James, Jayden and Jorja

James, Jayden and Jorja are good babies.  They gained huge amounts the first day they were here as they were really enjoying their bottles.  Now they are getting switched to canned food so weight gain is smaller but that is what I expect.  They are playing and fun to watch as they scamper in the livingroom.  They play for a short while then all go into their bed to catch a nap.  Jayden is another mama's boy.  He loves, loves his mama and can't get enough of her.
     Zodiac is 3 weeks old today.  He was exactly 300g this morning and still a little butterball.  He got moved into the 2' x 4" cage which has a litter box.  It won't be long before he uses the litterbox.  He is a good boy and enjoys the occasional short walk time in the livingroom so he can get his legs under him and have a change of scenery.

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