Monday, October 14, 2013

Sharing Happy Times With My Babies

I was watching t.v. last night and looked up.  I saw Jorja and James playing with the ring.  I ran for the camera and hoped they would stay that way until I could get a few pictures.  They were really enjoying each other and the ring.  Jayden was playing with toys on the floor  (you can see all the toys by the ring.  This is their play area and they go there when they get up from their naps so they can play.  What luck to get pictures of them playing so nicely.  This morning Jayden insists on being on my lap so wherever I go he gets carried then put on my lap when I sit.  He is indeed a mama's boy.
     Zodiac is growing up.  This morning I fed him then put him in the litter box.  He started digging then very horizontally peed.  Soon he will be going in the box on his own.  He is only 3 weeks old and such a smart boy already.  When I went to get him so I could feed him this morning I sat on the bed by the cage.  Although it hasn't been a whole day that he has graduated to the big cage he knew to come over to the side door so he could be picked up and fed.  He catches on so fast to a new routine.

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