Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby Update

Zodiac (in the first 3 pictures) is doing awesome.  I call him my perfect baby.  He eats well and has gained weight every day.  He was 102g when he came and today was 226g.  He still has his umbilical cord hanging on but it should be gone soon.  His eyes are completely open and he started hearing yesterday.  No more sneaking up on him to take a quick peek.  He is aware of his surroundings and soon will need more entertaining.
     The last 3 pictures are of the new baby I got last night.  She (I think it is a girl) is 10 days old and arrived with her brother from out of town.  When they were discovered on the farm they were ice cold and no sign of life.  As the owner was taking the bodies to dispose of one of the babies started moving.  They were immediately warmed up which is what they needed.  Last night they were eating and felt warm.  I was worried about the little boy because as the evening went on he was starting to decline.  The little boy was mouth breathing (not a good sign) and started making little grunting noises though he was sleeping peacefully.  These were miracle babies as cold so quickly kills a little baby and they survived.  I stayed up late so I could offer frequent little feedings.  Then I set my alarm for 2 am.  The little boy purred when I fed him so I was encouraged that all would turn out well.  They woke me up at 4 am and then I got up at 6 am.  The boy did not want to eat.  He was crashing when I checked him a while later.  I knew he was in serious trouble.  His lips and mouth were blue.  I rubbed him all over and tried to make him pee (could not pee).  He died just after 8 am.  The little girl gained 4 g which isn't much but it is a step in a positive direction.  She likes the heat lamp.  She is not out of trouble yet but every hour gives her a chance.  I will do everything I can for her to make me smile by getting stronger.

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  1. Awww so sad that the little boy died. His cry was so strong and loud, and the little Pumpkin Head (its Halloween she needed a seasonal name) was the kitten that momma delivered on the floor and went up into the bales to have the rest of the kittens. I cleaned her up and dried her off and put her with the rest of the babies where momma cleaned and fed her. Im so glad I found you and this little one has a chance. I had no idea what to do with new kittens.

    Thank you