Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bracing for Another Goodbye

This is another goodbye week.  Turtle my 20 year old cat in 3rd stage kidney failure has hit the place that tells me beyond doubt it is time to say goodbye.  So this week I will be saying goodbye to her.  My heart is breaking already.  Rylee my true companion is feeling my pain.  I was silently crying in another room and she came running in and started being hyper then when I started sobbing she started licking my tears.  She doesn't know what is about to happen but she is so close to me that she truly feels my despair.  I feel her strength in every cell of my being and I will draw on in.  This is the part that is so hard of loving a pet for so long.

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  1. Hi Donna. I am so very sorry to hear about Turtle. I know how painful to say good bye to a beloved pet. But I'm so happy that Riley is there to support you. Love and hugs from me Ariq and Arissa and Alfie.