Saturday, August 6, 2011

my family grows again

Two little 3 week old kittens arrived last night, a boy and a girl.  Their mom was killed by a dog.  Pictures to be on my next post as I am working 12 hours today. This morning when I got up the little boy was in trouble.  He was wobbly and jerky.  My heart dropped and I said no, not now.  So I gave him fluids and white corn syrup, held him for 30 minutes then put him back to bed to let time show me what was going to happen.  He is doing great again and is acting normal.  Whew! ! ! Ihope this is the only bump.
.   .   .    . The 6 new kittens are going to a new foster home as they were quite big when I got them and more kittens are arriving tomorrow since they were trapped at McNab a couple of days ago.  Life will be interesting and new babies to figure out.

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