Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the energy and strength

. . . . . .No pictures yet, sorry but once you hear how life has been you will understand.  Saturday morning the little boy was crashing so I gave him fluids, corn syrup and lots of love.  He was fine before I went to work my 12 hour day (9-9).  In the morning I wondered if Ivan was alright as he seemed a little off.  My daughter was home so I knew he would have someone watching over him.  Laura called me at work at noon to say he was constipated, trying but nothing was happening and that he was quiet and not right.  The vet office as always fit us in and he went to the vet at 3:30.  Rekha rushed him right to the back and started working on him.  He was her last patient of the day.  She only had a short break for supper and was finished working on him at 10:15.  I had to go after work to pick up the three new 4 week old kittens from Linda's.  It was a quick trip as I knew I would be getting the call to come and get Ivan so I could look after him for the night.  I was extremely tired but it all had to get done somehow.  Ivan was good during the night.  He played and ate and was very happy Sunday morning but as the day went on he declined a bit.  So a couple more calls to Rekha and we decided he needed to go back before he was as bad off as on Saturday.  So he was dropped off at 9 and I just picked him up at 10 pm.  She was very happy that all the poop was out.  When I dropped him off she showed me how to feel the full intestines so I have yet another thing to add to my resume.  He is home now and sleeping on the couch.  No monitoring of the poop situation as there isn't much left to pass.  He is glad to see his brother again.
.    .  .   .   .The big 7 kittens are gone to another foster home.  I promised names so here they are.  The gray and white boy is Keller, the black boy is Keegan.  The calico is Kentucky, muted calico is Kansas and the tortie is Kenya.  Tessa went with them as she will be sharing a cage with them at Petsmart on Saturday so may as well stay with them.  So 7 kittens have moved and 6 kittens have come in.  The last little 4 week old kitten arrived this afternoon so soon a new routine will be established.
.    .    .   .   I lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes this morning listening to the silence.  I knew once I got up that I would have 5 hungry babies demanding to be fed.  One of me, one bottle and that means a lot of noise from such little babies.  Sometimes silence is indeed golden.

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