Tuesday, September 20, 2011

update on Ivan and Ike

The two little boys have grown and turned into beautiful little kittens.  Ivan finally went to his new home who have been waiting patiently for weeks for him to be big enough to leave my home.  Ivan was adopted on August 30. His new name is Cairo. I so miss him as he was "so cute" as he heard many times every day.  Ike went to Petsmart the last week of August and got adopted on Sept 1.  His new name is Shamrock.  I miss him too, emptiness when babies leave but in a good way.
.    .    .    .Nutmeg arrived Aug 3.  She was 2 weeks old and a beautiful black/gray tabby with white.  She had a brother (unnamed) who died on August 5.  He was not a strong baby but still it is hard to see them leave.  Nutmeg is a big girl now and will be ready for adoption when I get back Oct 23.  She was having a lot of bloating problems so she went to the vet last Thursday.  She got her spine realigned and put on Gastro vet food.  She has more energy to play and her tummy is less bloated.  She will be fine.

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