Thursday, September 22, 2011

Caesar, Cedric and Carlton

Cedric (black) and Carlton (black and white with black nose) arrived on Aug 31.  Their brother Caesar (black and white with white nose) arrived on Sept 1 after he was caught.  Their mother and sibling were killed by a coyote.  The boys were not at all sure about being in a house and everything was scary for them.  So I put them in the 2' X 4' cage in the bedroom.  I went into the bedroom dozens of times to pick each one up to get used to hugs, kisses and being held.  Then I moved the cage into the living room so they could get used to real life in a house.  Carlton was the first one to handle sitting on my lap.  It took a while for me to trust that I could catch him if I let him wander in the house.  If you have to traumatize them to catch them you undo the progress they have made.  Next day it was Caesar.  Little Cedric was reluctant to turn the corner but once he was alone in the cage and watching his brother play and have fun and begged to join them.  So the next day he was able to join in the fun.  The boys learned over the next week to love being in a house, sitting on a lap to be loved and where the meals are.  It is nice to see a kitten open its heart to a better life where they are loved. 

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