Monday, October 3, 2011

So much happening that it is hard to take in

On Sept 15 Flynn, Fenway, Foster, Fiji, Fortune and Firefly arrived.  They were about 4 weeks old.  Then on Sept 21 Gumdrop, Garvey and Gibson arrived.  With 9 babies to look after I was a busy mom.  Last Sunday the trouble began.  Fiji crashed and died in the evening.  Okay, bad stuff happens but it was only the beginning of a disaster.  On Monday morning the kittens were all not doing well.  So I gave fluids to all, started antibiotics and gave a bath and dry job to Garvey.  They had diarrhea and were vomitting so keeping their cage clean was a big job.  When I came home from work at lunch time Flynn was in trouble.  I had been keeping a close eye on Garvey too and since I was holding him when Flynn crashed I took him with me to the vet too.  I left both babies there.  Flynn died in the afternoon.  I brought Garvey home with an i.v. catheter in his leg.  I was to give fluids at 7,8,9,10,11, metronidazole at 10 and ampicillin at 11.  Keep in mind I have never dealt with an i.v. before so a new experience in a scary time.  I kept him in his warm bed in the cage on the couch beside me so I could keep a close eye on him.  Whatever he needed was his, my world revolved around him.  The 7 pm fluids went well.  He was upright and sat quietly while I helped him over the 3 minutes.  Then I was doing the 8 pm fluids.  Garvey went limp in my arms.............he had died.  I was in shock as I didn't expect it at that moment.  On Tues at lunch I noticed Fenway was 10% off.  Usually not a worry but because of all that had been going on I took him to the vet during lunch hour (eating lunch is highly overrated).  As Rekha and I were discussing the blood test results from the last 2 kittens I looked down and said Fenway was crashing in my arms.  What better place to crash than at the vet's with a vet right beside you.  They worked on him all afternoon but he slipped away in the late afternoon.  On Wed Fortune seemed a little too quiet for my liking.  I called Rekha and she said to bring her in.  When I got there I admitted I might be oversensitive and overreacting but with all that had happened during the week I was taking no chances.  Rekha said no, she was not acting like a normal kitten.  She was started on metronidazole and came home after work.  The conclusion to this story to follow.

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