Saturday, October 11, 2014

Part 3 on Callahan, Cavana, Charles, Chiclet and Crackerjack

Here are Callahan, Cavana, Charles, Chiclet and Crackerjack.  They are doing fantastic.  They were very hungry when they came but soon had enough in their tummies and were warm under the heat lamp.  When they hear me get up in the morning or peak into their room during the day they let me know that they are hungry and I am taking too long bringing their bottle.  Today I let them out to stretch their legs (they will be out of quarantine tomorrow).  They came into the kitchen (no contact with any of the other kittens) so are very adventuresome.  They dug into the canned food and did pretty good for the first attempt at eating.  They all gained a decent amount of weight when I weighed them this afternoon.  Soon they will be off the bottle and I will have less to feed one at a time and one step closer to being "big" babies.

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