Monday, October 13, 2014

Part 4 Baxter, Begonia, Berkley, Biscuit, Bram and Bronson

So many babies to love.  These babies are precious because they are so small and doing well.  Biscuit had an eye infection which showed up yesterday.  Her eyes weren't even open yet, just little spots in the corners of her eyes which is where the eyes start opening.  They were crusty yesterday morning and pus came out when I was cleaning her eyes.  I used polysporin eye drops and contacted my vet.  She is doing much better this morning and is eating again on her own again and only didn't drink on her own yesterday.  She worried me but it is all fine now that she is gaining back the 8g she lost yesterday.  All the babies purr for me which makes my heart sing.  Their eyes are starting to open and one has eyes all open.  Soon they will look like real baby kittens.  Bronson is doing great after his brush with death.  I have never seen a kitten so cold.  I think he is destined to be special in some way so I will be watching to see how he is special.

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