Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finally Beginning to Surface

Where to begin.................These are the "tiny" baby B's though not so tiny any longer.  They have grown and are becoming different in their personalities.  Three pictures of each baby in order are Berkley, Biscuit, Baxter, Bram and Bronson.  I lost Begonia after a 10 day fight.  She just never thrived which happens with their real mom too.  Bronson is my little baby who was so cold when he came that I thought was dead.  After working on him he has flourished and is the biggest out of the 5 babies.  He has kind of kinky, wavy hair.  He lived for a purpose, to be special in some way.  Berkley is my talker and protests loudly when he thinks it is time for a bottle.  All are starting to nibble at canned food so it won't be long before they are off the bottle.
     Life has been intense with a lot of babies needing my help.  I have 24 babies right now.  A bacteria has gone through my house and I lost 3 precious babies besides Begonia.  Mandryk crashed 2 weeks ago and I rushed him to the vet.  We worked on him for an hour and he seemed to be rallying.  He purred when I came back to visit him and even ate a third of a can of food which was amazing.  He came home with me as I could monitor him and give him his meds.  At 10:30 pm I put him in the litter box and he had a well formed poop.  I got his meds ready to give him and came back into the room to find him collapsed on the edge of the litter box.  He died during the night.
     I also got 6 babies on October 25th.  They were 40 hours old.  Mom had a bad infection following the birth and could only feed the babies once.  So with immunity from the mom at a bare minimum I took on the task of feeding these babies (making the total of 12 on the bottle at that time) until mom could be treated and maybe take her babies back.  She came to my house Monday evening and would have nothing to do with her babies so............I was now mom to her tiny babies.  Pepsi, Penton, Pierre, Phillip, Persia and Pax are all doing well.  They are 13 days old and their eyes are starting to open.
     I had an extra load put on me when my babies were needed for many photo shoots to finish up the calendar.  It took time to get my babies tidied up for the picture shoots plus worrying about them when I had kittens who were struggling.  The extra worry on top of the worry of the struggling babies was incredibly hard on me.  Benjie went to a photo shoot and spent the evening sleeping, not moving a lot and not eating.  Yet another reason that photo shoots were not what I needed at the time of all the struggles.  Finally 3 hours later he came around.  It took a lot of prodding for me to finally get a response other than everything was fine.  It was very very noisy at the photo shoot which tired out Benjie as he was overwhelmed.  Three long hours spent worrying about my little boy.  I know each of my kittens and knew that something was not right at the photo shoot. But we have survived all this and all are doing well now.  I think we will make it.

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