Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cavana, Chiclet, Crackerjack and Daffodil

Cavana has every inch of my heart.  She is such a loving little girl and takes every chance she gets to sit on my lap.  One time I was folding laundry (much more with the babies, good thing for a good washer) and looked down and there she was on my lap.  She just can't get enough of me.  I am working on a puzzle for a bit of relaxation now the pace of my world has slowed down.  She is the only kitten to ever try and "help" me with a puzzle that did not make things worse.  All she wants to do is lay down on the puzzle right in front of me and sleep.  She was sleeping and flexing her front feet.  I told her she was as happy as a kitten could get and she made my heart sing looking at her melting with happiness.  She has filled out and is looking like a wonderful baby and not a frail little girl.  All of these babies have filled out and are looking much better.  Glad to have less to worry about.
     The little P babies have gained decent weight the last 2 days which makes me worry less.  It is so very tiring to watch intensely when they aren't doing as well as I would like.  It is hard to explain how draining it is and how joyful when you see them turn the corner.
     I just had a friend drop off a case of food for the babies.  I told her a gift for my babies was a gift for me.  I got an email yesterday from the owner of two of my kittens that were adopted last summer.  It is a true gift to have people think of my babies and me and it brings a smile to my face.

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