Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cavana, Chiclet, Crackerjack and Daffodil

How these babies have grown and filled out.  All struggled for a while and at the time I lost Callahan (I still miss his spirit in my house) and Charles.  They must have fought off the bug (with the help of antibiotics) as all are looking so much better.  Cavana is still my most sucky baby.  She loves to sit on my lap and appears on my lap and I don't even know when she came to my lap.  She is a real love.  She was so frail and now she is a pudgy little girl.  Daffodil has filled out as well.  Crackerjack is a big big boy now.  Chiclet took the longest to start filling out and feeling better.  But..........all are doing great now.  We are out from under the black cloud.  It is amazing how much better I feel now that I am not worried every second of my waking day.
     Benjie, Bonnie, Bridgit, Manchester, Marchand (my little snuggle bug in bed every morning--I really missed him this morning), and Martina are all at Petsmart.  My house feels so much quieter without these healthy babies racing around chasing each other.  I listen carefully and it pays off when I heard racing feet when I was in the hallway.  There two came running fast.  I had stopped and put my feet a bit apart which was a good thing as they raced at top speed between my feet.  I miss all these babies and it is hard to believe they are ready for their forever homes.  The goodbyes start.
     The "baby" B babies have gone through a huge growth spurt.   They were only 6 days old when I got them so I have loved them for a long time.  Now they are "big" little kittens doing big kitten things.  They are now climbing my multi leveled cat post.  Biscuit is only wanting one bottle a day.  Bram is still enjoying his bottle.  On second inspection I have discovered that Biscuit is a girl (her name will still work) and wow............Bronson (my tiny frozen, fighter baby) is indeed a girl.  She (it will take a while to think of her as a girl) will have to have a new name picked for her.  She is so very precious.  My life would be less happy if she wasn't in it.  I tell her every day how lucky she and I are and how a matter of minutes longer to get to me would have meant that she would not be in my life.  I marvel at her strength.  I swoop on kittens when I panic thinking they are in trouble, sorry babies but that is what this mom does.  I told Bronson that I did a big swoop as soon as I saw her in an effort to save her and wasn't it worth it!!!  Swoops pay off sometimes.  Thank goodness I don't have to swoop often but swoops are part of my world.

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